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Years in the making

Guided by revered Master Distiller, Billy Walker, our team is on a ‘Meikle Tòir’ (meaning ‘big pursuit’). The goal: To carefully craft and cask-perfect a peerless peated single malt at our Speyside home, The GlenAllachie Distillery.

Being independent allows for complete freedom to make decisions for all the right reasons, and to firmly place the focus on quality over quantity. In 2018, we began producing peated spirit – a much rarer style for the Speyside region – for several weeks each year. We only produce around 100,000 litres of new-make annually to create our premium small-batch releases.

Billy Walker with Assistant Blender Ronan Currie & Warehouse Manager Lindsay Cormie

Passion and precision

Every step of the whisky-making journey has been meticulously considered and masterfully optimised to steer the ensuing aromatic and flavour characteristics of the whisky.

Using premium mainland peat for an oaky, sweet smoke style; a process of extended fermentation, exacting distillation and expert maturation elevates the spirit to its pinnacle. After years of patient slumber, the spirit within each cask must meet the rigorous standards of Billy Walker and his team in order to reach the bottle.

Where pioneering passion and painstaking precision are paramount. All in the pursuit of peated perfection.

The Warehouse team at work, rolling and racking the casks.

Our Packaging inspiration

We commissioned Scottish illustrator Iain McIntosh to create a hand-drawn illustration that captures our Speyside home’s beautiful yet rugged surroundings. The central peak is inspired by Ben Rinnes – the highest in the area.

Our carefully selected earthy colour palette hints at the smoky flavour profile of the whisky and was inspired by nature local to The GlenAllachie Distillery: moss, oak, heather and sky.

The Meikle Toir range with views of Ben Rinnes, where the water used by the GlenAllachie Distillery comes from.


The GlenAllachie Distillery was the fourth distillery designed by William-Delme Evans and built by Mackinlay McPherson.


Industry veteran Billy Walker and his two business partners came together to acquire the distillery.


Peated spirit was produced at The GlenAllachie Distillery for the first time in its history.


Five years on, maturing in specially selected casks, the peated single malt is launched under the brand name ‘Meikle Tòir’.