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The Chinquapin One

The Chinquapin One

Coming in at 35 PPM, the whisky has a sweeter style of smoke character owing to the mainland peat from St. Fergus used to kiln the barley. After a lengthy 160-hour fermentation, the whisky has a complex character which stands up well to ageing in virgin oak casks.

Nose: Smoldering oak embers, burnt liquorice and honey, with ginger, butterscotch and orange peel.

Taste: Cocoa, crème brûlée and toasted almonds, with cinnamon, aniseed and campfire smoke.

Cask Make Up

American oak ex-Bourbon barrels, followed by Chinquapin virgin oak barrels

Spirit Phenol Content

35 PPM

Taste Profile


Cinnamon sticks


Star Anise

48% ABV

Natural Colour

Non-Chill Filtered

Don't just take our word for it

The Chinquapin One
The Chinquapin One
The Chinquapin One
The Chinquapin One

"The Chinquapin cask itself has the aroma of old leather and cigar smoke, which works wonderfully well with the sweetness derived from the Bourbon casks – the combination of both casks complements our beautifully sweet peat character."


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