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The Chinquapin One

The Chinquapin One

Coming in at 35 PPM, the whisky has a sweeter style of smoke character owing to the mainland peat from St. Fergus used to kiln the barley. After a lengthy 160-hour fermentation, the whisky has a complex character which stands up well to ageing in virgin oak casks.

Nose: Smoldering oak embers, burnt liquorice and honey, with ginger, butterscotch and orange peel.

Taste: Cocoa, crème brûlée and toasted almonds, with cinnamon, aniseed and campfire smoke.

Cask Make Up

American oak ex-Bourbon barrels, followed by Chinquapin virgin oak barrels

Spirit Phenol Content

35 PPM

Taste Profile


Cinnamon sticks


Star Anise

48% ABV

Natural Colour

Non-Chill Filtered

"The Chinquapin cask itself has the aroma of old leather and cigar smoke, which works wonderfully well with the sweetness derived from the Bourbon casks – the combination of both casks complements our beautifully sweet peat character."


Behind the bottle

Our Pursuit

Making Meikle Tòir

Master Distiller